What is covered and what is not covered by our warranty

When we rebuild your transmission we really care about you and your vehicle, and regardless of the length of warranty given we always rebuild your transmission with the thought in mind that it will outlast the rest of the vehicle. It is our goal, and our purpose.

What is covered :

These pictures show you what a transmission and torque converter look like apart. These are the parts that are covered by us unless otherwise stated for some reason on your invoice

What it does not cover.

Our warranty only covers what is sold to you on your invoice. The length of warranty will be printed on it and in the case of our one year, 20,000 km warranty you will have initialed the terms for keeping it in effect.

Our warranty does not cover or include anything other than the parts and labour supplied by us but it does cover the parts and labour 100% !

Our warranty does not cover abuse, misuse, towing, or any other additional costs.

There are many reasons a transmission can fail, including a transmission fluid leak, overheating, computer malfunction, contamination (usually from water), and a host of reasons that we cannot predict or prevent.

If you study the image below, you will discover the many electronics that control the operation of the automatic transmission but are not part of the actual transmission.

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